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Laundry World Delivers is here to free up your Saturdays! For the last 20 years, our team has been building up our game of professionally laundering your clothes. We offer laundry pick up and delivery in Lake Charles Monday-Friday. We pay careful attention to your directions and professionally launder your clothes so that you can do more fun things. Try it out today!

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$1.80 Per Pound

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Every order is kept completely separate from others. Your laundry is stored by type and color, washed according to its instructions, dried on low or medium, and folded or hung according to your preferences. As we’re finishing up, we sort each family members clothes together, and wrap them in a light plastic film so they get all the way to your drawer at the house neatly folded or hung. We’ll supply a laundry bag with your first order. Let us show you how much we care about doing your laundry!

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